Sunday, June 29, 2008

Retrospective on the weekend

Went to a party friday, had one of the greatest times of my life, even though it was a going away party for a good friend of mine. I'd like to think that it was a good send off for him. Partied myself out for a good while with that one, so the rest of the weekend was more recovery than anything else, though to be fair the enjoyment of the party just plain made everything seem better.

Asked the friend leaving to borrow some DvD's of his while he was out, and to be honest I was a little apprehensive about asking. I mean, how do you ask someone to borrow their stuff while they're out of the country for a month, it doesn't seem like there really is a tactful way to do it. My friend really doesn't care about stuff like that near as I can tell having known him for as long as I have, so he just told me to grab the set of DvD's. I'm really just one of those weird people who cares about that probably more than is healthy, and even now, after he's left town, I still wonder if I asked the right way. Not that I'm wondering much about it, it's just something that pops up in the back of my mind when I'm sitting around with nothing to do and a blank mind.

Anyways, after the party I crashed at another friends house and started watching the borrowed stuff with them, got through episode 9 of 26 in the series. I'd seen the series before, and can say it's still as enjoyable this time through, in part because it has been so long that most of the interesting details have been lost to time in my mind.

Should probably apologize to my guild in EQ2 as well, I signed off on wednesday saying I'd see them tomorrow, but between a meeting on thursday, the party, and hanging out the weekend away from home I still haven't gone back online. Basically to them I said "see ya all tomorrow" and then vanished. Sorry guildies, I'll make it back on Tuesday unless I have extra work to do that day.

I guess that covers my weekend without too many boring details.

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